Technical Training

Computer Training School :

The modern World is becoming computerized and computers are dominating every area of day to day life. The situation today especially amongst the young children in the slums and underprivileged is that they have the desire to study and raise to high standard of life but there are limitations that restricts them in following their dreams. Financial difficulties and lack of encouragement from parents makes the children to accept their fate. On seeing the need of such children, Mizpah started the Computer Training School for the needy children. It has trained hundreds of young boys and girls. Now most of them are working in reputed companies.

Vocational Training :

Mizpah partners with government and other non- governmental organizations to train young boys and girls to place them with job opportunity. We train hundreds of youth and send them for regular work. Mizpah conducts training for Plumbing, Electrical, Beautician, Sofa making etc., through this many people are benefitted.

Job-oriented vocational training for 1 youth/enterprise development -