Home Care Project for Orphans

In India, many children experience various forms of violence, exploitation and abuse. When the children lose their parents – through death, alcoholism, or negligence, they are forced into deprived and difficult life. Thus are forced into child labour. They are even forced to beg for their survival. They lose their happy childhood.

Children in such circumstances have their rights denied in the most fundamental way.

Such children are identified and through Mizpah Home Care for Orphan Children, they are given food, groomed and their education is taken care. Most of the children are in the age group of five to ten years. Mizpah believes, these children will grow to become the pillars of this nation. They will be a blessing to children who are in the impoverished situation.

Mizpah works to create protective and supportive environment in which both girls and boys are safe from violence and exploitation, their rights are protected and each child has the opportunity to reach to their full potential.