Day Care Center

Mizpah Day care centres help the underprivileged children of age group two to four years. These children come from poor families where both parents work as labourers for meagre salary. During working hours of parents children play in hazardous fields. This is where Mizpah steps in and brings these children into the day care centres and provides them with proper food, education and prepares them for regular school the following year. The Children are in a safe environment from morning till evening. Our care takers care for them and they keep the children engaged in learning activities.

The challenge that we face in such areas are malnutrition & lack of care for children. The poverty stricken parents are busy with their work as labourers. They are not able to provide nutritious food, personal care to their children due to poverty. These children of downtrodden sections are suffering from malnutrition, ill-health & living in un-hygienic places. These Impoverished children need food & education.

Through the Day care centre we give them the basic education through activities , rhymes and play toys. Nutritious food is given to them. The care takers look after the underprivileged children for education & build good habits in them.

Intervening during early stages of development is key to a child's long-term success.