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Mizpah Charitable Trust is a registered Non-Governmental organization. Its main focus is on transforming lives of the down-trodden and the poor. It works for the upliftment of Children, Youth and Women and the aged people. Mizpah has assisted many thousands of people through community based, life changing, sustainable programs mostly involving local leaders, who form the core group of the community and through the volunteers.

About Dr. Vincent Samuel

Founder and Chairman of Mizpah Charitable Trust

Dr. M. Vincent Samuel is the Founder and Chairman of Mizpah Charitable Trust a Govt. recognized NGO, which provides many services to the impoverished and underprivileged, and actively involved in a lot of community development programs, Home Care, Night-Tuition Centre, Day-Care Centre, Tailoring School and Computer Training Centre, which reach out to the poor and needy. Earlier, He had great successful missions on, Tharamani Development Project, Village Ministries, School and Medical Camps.

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