Mizpah Charitable Trust

Mizpah Charitable Trust is a registered Non-Governmental organization. Its main focus is on the down trodden and the poor. It works for the upliftment of Children, Youth and Women and the aged people. Mizpah has assisted many thousands of people through community based, life changing, sustainable programs mostly involving local leaders, who form the core group of the community and through the volunteers.

The main aim of the organization has always been the overall development of the underprivileged people. Whenever a crisis is reported about the falling standard in personal and family values, Mizpah has always been a pillar of support by providing the required help to the poor and needy.

India is a fast developing country where those who are wealthy become hugely successful and those who are deprived are being left further and further behind. As children of God and as thriving citizens of the world, we are responsible for bridging the gap and giving opportunities to those who go without.

Anyone who has concern for the humanity will see the need of the Mother land and will commit to share the good news and make it possible for people to lead a better life.

Based on many years of experience, Mizpah believes that the sustainable development of disadvantaged communities can only be achieved through love and care.